If you are looking to seriously improve your soccer skills and to be more of an impact on your soccer team this year then our Individual/Small Group training classes in Nanaimo are ideal for you. Each class focuses specifically on all of the core skills required to be a successful soccer player.

Why Individual/Small Group Training?

Working 1 on 1 or as part of a small group is a great way to really develop your skills. In this environment it is possible to focus a great deal of time and energy on developing the skills of the individual or individuals in the small group. Often during team training sessions mistakes players are making or individual areas that need to be developed may be missed by the coach as they are having to work with 12, 13, 14 or even more players at a time!

With this type of training we can really focus on a certain area that your individual player or small group needs to focus on. You may have a player that is a great defender but who struggles with their foot skills and 1v1 moves, we can then tailor each session to focus specifically on the skills that need to be improved by that individual player, this really isn’t possible in their regular training as the coach is creating training sessions to benefit the entire team not just one specific individual.

What will you work on in each session?

This really is down to what the player or small group is looking for, if you have a player or group of players that need to work on their shooting and finishing then we can focus on that, if you have a player that needs to work on their passing then we can focus on that. A great way for us to come up with a tailored training plan is to ask your current coach what areas they would like to see your son and daughter develop in, we will also assess all players during sessions with us and provide feedback on what we feel are the most important areas to focus on.

In addition to working on these specific areas we also feel that it is very important to focus part of each session to developing all of the core skills players require, this includes working on foot skills, balance, coordination, first touch, passing and finishing.

What is the cost?

Number of Players

1-4 Players

1 Session


4 Sessions


  • Prices are the total prices for the sessions.
  • All players must pay full amount at 1st session.
  • For 4 sessions, all sessions must be completed with 30 days of the 1st session unless any sessions are canceled due to rain-outs.
  • 24 hours notice is required for any cancellations other than weather issues.


How do we reserve a session(s)?

To find out our availability and schedule a session with us simple send us a quick email and be sure to include the number of players, their age, current playing level and what you are looking to work on. All sessions take place in Nanaimo, BC.

For more information please email us [email protected]